556F.1     Definitions.
556F.1A   Taking up vessels, rafts, logs and lumber.
556F.2     Warrant -- appraisal -- return -- record.
556F.3     Value under twenty dollars.
556F.4     Value exceeding twenty dollars.
556F.5     Advertisement -- when title vests.
556F.6     Lost goods or money.
556F.7     When owner unknown.
556F.8     Advertisement.
556F.9     Record of publication.
556F.10    Additional publication.
556F.11    Vesting of title.
556F.12    Ownership settled.
556F.13    Compensation.
556F.14    Costs, charges and care -- assessment.
556F.15    Proceeds -- forfeiture.
556F.16    Responsibility of taker-up.
556F.17    Penalty for selling.
556F.18    Failure to comply. 



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