556.1     Definitions and use of terms.
556.2     Property held by banking or financial organizations or by business associations.
556.2A   Traveler's checks and money orders.
556.2B   Checks, drafts, and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organizations.
556.3     Unclaimed funds held by life insurance corporations.
556.4     Deposits and refunds held by utilities.
556.5     Stocks and other intangible interests in business associations.
556.6     Property of business associations and banking or financial organizations held in course of dissolution.
556.7     Property held by fiduciaries.
556.8     Property held by state courts and public officers and agencies -- abandonment.
556.9     Miscellaneous personal property held for another person -- gift certificates.
556.9A   Out-of-state property issued within the state.
556.10    Reciprocity for property presumed abandoned or escheated under the laws of another state.
556.11    Report of abandoned property.
556.12    Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property.
556.13    Payment or delivery of abandoned property.
556.14    Relief from liability by payment or delivery.
556.15    Income accruing after payment or delivery.
556.16    Periods of limitation not a bar.
556.17    Sale of abandoned property.
556.18    Deposit of funds.
556.19    Claim for abandoned property paid or delivered.
556.20    Determination of claims.
556.21    Judicial action upon determinations.
556.22    Elections by the treasurer of state.
556.23    Examination of records.
556.24    Proceeding to compel delivery of abandoned property.
556.25    Interest and penalties.
556.26    Rules.
556.27    Effect of laws of other states.
556.28    Interstate agreements and cooperation.
556.29    Uniformity of interpretation.
556.30    Short title.
556.31    Obtaining information on accounts.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25.
556.32    Proceeding to adjudicate escheat.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25.
556.33    Notice.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25.
556.34    Collection and deposit of funds.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25.
556.35    Indemnification of the United States.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25.
556.36    Short title.  Repealed by 84 Acts, ch 1295, §25. 



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