See §481A.134 and 481A.135 for point system and additional penalties 


Referred to in §232.8, 455A.4, 455A.5, 456A.14, 456A.24, 481A.1, 481A.38, 481A.134, 481A.135, 483A.24, 483A.32, 805.16, 903.1

484B.1   Definitions.
484B.2   Rules.
484B.3   Authority of the director.
484B.4   Application and license requirements.
484B.5   Boundaries signed--fenced.
484B.6   Game birds released.
484B.7   Records--reports--inspections.
484B.8   Game bird transportation tags--markings.
484B.9   Ungulate transportation tags--markings.
484B.10  Season--hunting license.
484B.11  Health requirements--game birds.
484B.12  Health requirements--ungulates.
484B.13  License refusal.
484B.14  Penalties. 



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