476.66  Customer contribution fund.

1.  The utilities board shall adopt rules which shall require each electric and gas public utility to establish a fund whose purposes shall include the receiving of contributions to assist the utility's low-income customers with weatherization measures to improve energy efficiency related to winter heating and summer cooling, and to supplement the energy assistance received under the federal low-income heating energy assistance program for the payment of winter heating electric or gas utility bills.

2.  The rules shall require each utility to periodically notify its customers of the availability and purpose of the fund and to provide them with forms on which they can authorize the utility to bill their contribution to the fund on a monthly basis.

3.  The rules shall permit the fund to accept matching funds from persons or organizations who wish to provide assistance for customers of the utility.

4.  The utility may be reimbursed by the fund for the administrative costs of the billings, disbursements, notices to customers, and financial recordkeeping. However, such reimbursement shall not exceed five percent of the total revenues collected.

5.  The utility shall establish a board or committee to determine the appropriate distribution of the funds. The board or committee shall include representatives from community or regional organizations which are active in assisting citizens with payment of their winter heating bills.

6.  The rules established by the utilities board shall require an annual report to be filed for each fund. The utilities board shall compile an annual statewide report of the fund results. The division of community action agencies of the department of human rights shall prepare an annual report of the unmet need for energy assistance and weatherization. Both reports shall be submitted to the appropriations committees of the general assembly on the first day of the following session.

7.  Existing programs to receive customer contributions established by public utilities shall be construed to meet the requirements of this section. Such plans shall be subject to review by the utilities board. If determined not to be in compliance with the provisions of this section, they shall be given until July 1989 to modify their operation so as to be in compliance.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1175, § 3; 92 Acts, ch 1155, § 1

Internal References

  Referred to in § 216A.102, 476.1A, 476.1B

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