This chapter not enacted as a part of this title; transferred from chapter 106 in Code 1993 


Referred to in § 88A.11, 99F.7, 232.8, 350.5, 455A.4, 455A.5, 456A.14, 456A.24, 481A.1, 554.13104, 805.16, 903.1

462A.1     Declaration of policy.
462A.2     Definitions.
462A.3     Powers and duties of commission.
462A.4     Operation of unnumbered vessels prohibited.
462A.5     Registration and identification number.
462A.6     Exemption from registration provisions of this chapter.
462A.6A   Exemption from display of registration and capacity numbers.
462A.7     Collisions, accidents and casualties.
462A.8     Transmittal of information.
462A.9     Classification and required equipment.
462A.10    Boat liveries.
462A.11    Muffling devices.
462A.12    Prohibited operation.
462A.13    Penalty.
462A.14    Operating a motorboat or sailboat while intoxicated.
462A.14A  Implied consent to test.
462A.14B  Refusal to submit--penalty.
462A.14C  Statement of officer.
462A.14D  Tests pursuant to warrants.
462A.14E  Violations of orders not to operate a motorboat or sailboat.
462A.14F  Department recordkeeping.
462A.15    Water skis and surfboards.
462A.16    Regattas, races, marine parades, tournaments or exhibitions.
462A.17    Local regulations restricted.
462A.18    Owner's civil liability.
462A.19    Reserved.
462A.20    Boat inspection.
462A.21    Fees.
462A.22    Engineer or pilot license.
462A.23    Suspension or revocation.
462A.24    Overloading of vessels.
462A.25    Penalty.
462A.26    Right of way rules--speed and distance rules--zoning water areas.
462A.27    Removal of nonpermanent structures.
462A.28    Unworthy vessels drydocked.
462A.29    Official duty exempted.
462A.30    Aircraft restriction.
462A.31    Artificial lakes.
462A.32    Rules for buoys.
462A.33    Driving over ice.
462A.34    Authorized emergency vessels.
462A.34A  Vehicles prohibited in streambed. 


462A.35    Special certificate for manufacturer or dealer.
462A.36    Fee for certificate.
462A.37    Number assigned--special signs.
462A.38    Duplicates.
462A.39    Expiration date.
462A.40    Record of use.
462A.41    Separate certificate for each city.
462A.42    List of used boats on hand furnished.
462A.43    Transfer of ownership.
462A.44    Application for transfer.
462A.45    Transfer by dealer.
462A.46    Purchase of registered vessel by dealer.
462A.47    Transfer to dealer.
462A.48    Sales by dealer.
462A.49    Prohibited use of "applied for" card.
462A.50    Official cards only to be used.
462A.51    County recorder--duties.
462A.52    Fees remitted to commission.
462A.53    Amount of writing fees.
462A.54    Disposal of writing fees.
462A.55    Sales or use tax to be paid before registration.
462A.56    through 462A.65  Reserved.
462A.66    Inspection authority.
462A.67    Inspection deficiency order.
462A.68    Termination of use.
462A.69    Public use of water for navigation purposes.
462A.70    Hull identification, capacity plates, warning labels.
462A.71    Reciprocity.
462A.72    through 462A.76  Reserved. 


462A.77    Owner's certificate of title--in general.
462A.78    Fees--surcharge--duplicates.
462A.79    Obtaining manufacturer's or importer's certificate of origin.
462A.80    Hull identification number of vessel.
462A.81    Dealer's record of vessels bought, sold, or transferred.
462A.82    Transfer or repossession of vessel by operation of law--coast guard documentation of vessel.
462A.83    Security interest in vessels--exemptions.
462A.84    Perfection and titles--fee.
462A.85    Forms--investigations. 



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