This chapter not enacted as a part of this title; transferred from chapter 107 in Code 1993 


Referred to in § 455A.4, 455A.5, 481A.1

456A.1     Definitions.
456A.2     through 456A.5  Reserved.
456A.6     Expenses generally.
456A.7     through 456A.11  Reserved.
456A.12    Lighting by law enforcement vehicles of conservation officer.
456A.13    Officers and employees--peace officer status.
456A.14    Temporary appointments--peace officer status.
456A.15    Removal.
456A.16    Income tax refund checkoff for fish and game fund.
456A.17    Funds--restrictions.
456A.18    Report of funds.
456A.19    Expenditures.
456A.20    Limitation on nursery stock--exception.
456A.21    Forestry management and enhancement fund.
456A.22    Political activity.  Repealed by 96 Acts, ch 1022, §1.
456A.23    General duties.
456A.24    Specific powers.
456A.25    Orders.
456A.26    Interpretation and limitations.
456A.27    Federal wildlife Act--assent.
456A.28    Fish restoration projects.
456A.29    Outdoor recreational and watershed projects.
456A.30    Federal assistance for outdoor recreation.
456A.31    Comprehensive plan.
456A.32    Application for aid.
456A.33    Watershed projects.
456A.33A  Watershed priority.
456A.34    Limit on state's commitment.
456A.35    Applications not limited.
456A.36    Timber buyers.
456A.37    Eurasian water milfoil. 



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