Legislative findings; legislative intent; conditions upon finding of invalidity; 89 Acts, ch 131, § 1, 2, 59 


Referred to in § 16.151, 423.24, 424.1, 424.2, 424.6, 455B.477, 455B.479, 455G.21

455G.1     Title--scope.
455G.2     Definitions.
455G.3     Establishment of Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund.
455G.4     Governing board.
455G.5     Independent contractors to be retained by board.
455G.6     Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund--general and specific powers.
455G.7     Security for bonds--capital reserve fund--irrevocable contracts.
455G.8     Revenue sources for fund.
455G.9     Remedial program.
455G.10    Loan guarantee account.  Repealed by 89 Acts, ch 131, §62.
455G.11    Insurance fund.
455G.12    Board authority for prioritization.
455G.12A  Cost containment authority.
455G.13    Cost recovery enforcement.
455G.14    Fund not subject to regulation.
455G.15    Fund not part of the Iowa insurance guaranty association.
455G.16    Financial institution participation in fund.
455G.17    Inspectors--education--registration.
455G.18    Groundwater professionals--certification.
455G.19    Environmental damage offset.  Repealed by 95 Acts, ch 215, §29.
455G.20    Final approval.
455G.21    Marketability fund.
455G.22    No further action fund.  Repealed by 2000 Acts, ch 1226, §21, 30. 



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