Referred to in § 364.22, 455H.303

455D.1     Definitions.
455D.2     Findings.
455D.3     Goals for waste stream reduction--procedures--reductions and increases in fees.
455D.4     Waste volume reduction policies.
455D.5     Statewide waste reduction and recycling network--established.
455D.6     Duties of the director.
455D.7     Duties of the commission.
455D.8     Deposits, rebates, and waste abatement fees.
455D.9     Land disposal of yard waste--prohibited.
455D.9A   Disposal of baled solid waste at a sanitary landfill--prohibited.
455D.10    Land disposal of lead acid batteries--prohibited--collection for recycling.
455D.10A  Household batteries--heavy metal content and recycling requirements.
455D.10B  Batteries used in rechargeable consumer products.
455D.11    Waste tires--land disposal prohibited.
455D.11A  Financial assurance--waste tire collection or processing sites.
455D.11B  Permitting of waste tire collection or processing sites--fees.
455D.11C  Waste tire management fund.
455D.11D  Waste tire management--grant program.
455D.11E  Use by regents institutions of tire-derived fuels and other beneficial uses of waste tires.
455D.11F  End-users awarded moneys for using processed waste tires.
455D.11G  Disposal fee charged by retail tire dealer.
455D.11H  Future repeal.
455D.12    Plastic container labeling.
455D.13    Land disposal of waste oil prohibited--collection.
455D.14    Products manufactured with chlorofluorocarbons prohibited.
455D.15    Waste volume reduction and recycling fund.
455D.16    Packaging products--recycling--prohibition of polystyrene products.  Repealed by 95 Acts, ch 44, §5.
455D.17    Plastic bag and package labeling.  Repealed by 92 Acts, ch 1215, §19.
455D.18    Nondegradable grocery bags and trash bags.  Repealed by 92 Acts, ch 1215, §19.
455D.19    Packaging--heavy metal content.
455D.20    Refuse-derived fuel--calculation as portion of waste reduction goal.
455D.21    Local ordinance--curbside collection. 



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