Personal liability of officers and partners; see §421.26 


Referred to in § 421.26, 421.28, 422.53, 422E.1

422B.1   Authorization--election--imposition and repeal.
422B.2   Local vehicle tax.
422B.3   Administration of local vehicle tax.
422B.4   Payment--penalties.
422B.5   Local earnings tax.  Repealed by 86 Acts, ch 1199, §9.
422B.6   Administration.  Repealed by 86 Acts, ch 1199, §9.
422B.7   Payment to local government--use of receipts.  Repealed by 86 Acts, ch 1199, §9.
422B.8   Local sales and services tax.
422B.9   Administration.
422B.10  Payment to local governments.
422B.11  Construction contractor refunds.
422B.12  Issuance of bonds. 



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