Referred to in § 28F.1, 28F.12, 331.382, 357.1A, 384.84

358.1     Incorporation.
358.1A   Combined water and sanitary district.
358.2     Petition--deposit.
358.3     Jurisdiction--decisions--records.
358.4     Date and notice of hearing.
358.5     Hearing of petition and order.
358.6     Notice of election.
358.7     Election.
358.8     Expenses and costs of election.
358.9     Selection of trustees--term of office.
358.10    Trustee's bond.
358.11    Sanitary district to be a body corporate.
358.12    Board of trustees--powers.
358.13    Ordinances--publication or posting--time of taking effect.
358.14    Proof of ordinances.
358.15    Personal interest in contracts.
358.16    Power to provide for sewage disposal.
358.17    Power to acquire and dispose of property.
358.18    Taxes--power to levy--tax sales.
358.19    Records and disbursements.
358.20    Rentals and charges.
358.21    Debt limit--borrowing--bonds--purposes.
358.22    Special assessments and connection fees.
358.23    Appeal to district court.
358.24    Contracts outside of district.
358.25    Revenue bonds.
358.26    Annexation.
358.27    Hearing on annexation--date and notice.
358.28    Annexation hearing.
358.29    Notice, election, and expenses--costs.
358.30    Annexation of land by a city--compensation. 


358.31    Petition filed.
358.32    Jurisdiction by board of supervisors.
358.33    Hearing on petition.
358.34    Notice.
358.35    Conducting hearing.
358.36    Filing order of discontinuance.
358.37    Pending rights or liabilities.
358.38    Indebtedness assumed.
358.39    Claims prosecuted against city.
358.40    Dissolution. 



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