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155A.4 Prohibition against unlicensed persons dispensing or distributing prescription drugs---exceptions.

1. A person shall not dispense prescription drugs unless that person is a licensed pharmacist or is authorized by section 147.107 to dispense or distribute prescription drugs.

2. Notwithstanding subsection 1, it is not unlawful for:

a. A manufacturer or wholesaler to distribute prescription drugs as provided by state or federal law.

b. A practitioner, licensed by the appropriate state board, to dispense prescription drugs to patients as incident to the practice of the profession, except with respect to the operation of a pharmacy for the retailing of prescription drugs.

c. A practitioner, licensed by the appropriate state board, to administer drugs to patients. This chapter does not prevent a practitioner from delegating the administration of a prescription drug to a nurse, intern, or other qualified individual or, in the case of a veterinarian, to an orderly or assistant, under the practitioner's direction and supervision.

d. A person to sell at retail a proprietary medicine, an insecticide, a fungicide, or a chemical used in the arts, if properly labeled.

e. A person to procure prescription drugs for lawful research, teaching, or testing and not for resale.

f. A pharmacy to distribute a prescription drug to another pharmacy or to a practitioner.

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87 Acts, ch 215, § 4

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