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99D.7 Powers.

The commission shall have full jurisdiction over and shall supervise all race meetings governed by this chapter. The commission shall have the following powers and shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A to implement this chapter:

1. To investigate applicants and determine the eligibility of applicants for a license and to select among competing applicants for a license the applicant which best serves the interests of the citizens of Iowa.

2. To identify occupations within the racing industry which require licensing and adopt standards for licensing the occupations including establishing fees for the occupational licenses. The fees shall be paid to the commission and used as required in section 99D.17.

3. To adopt standards under which all race meetings shall be held and standards for the facilities within which the race meetings shall be held.

4. To regulate the purse structure for race meetings including establishing a minimum purse.

5. To cooperate with the department of agriculture and land stewardship to establish and operate, or contract for, a laboratory and related facilities to conduct saliva, urine, and other tests on animals that are to run or that have run in races governed by this chapter.

6. To establish and provide for the disposition of fees for the testing of animals sufficient to cover the costs of the tests and to purchase the necessary equipment for the testing.

7. To enter the office, racetrack, facilities, or other places of business of a licensee to determine compliance with this chapter.

8. To investigate alleged violations of this chapter or the commission rules, orders, or final decisions and to take appropriate disciplinary action against a licensee or a holder of an occupational license for the violation, or institute appropriate legal action for enforcement, or both. Decisions by the commission are final agency actions pursuant to chapter 17A.

9. To authorize stewards, starters, and other racing officials to impose fines or other sanctions upon a person violating a provision of this chapter or the commission rules, orders, or final orders, including authorization to expel a tout, bookmaker, or other person deemed to be undesirable from the racetrack facilities.

10. To require the removal of a racing official, an employee of a licensee, or a holder of an occupational license, or employee of a holder of an occupational license for a violation of this chapter or a commission rule or engaging in a fraudulent practice.

11. To prevent an animal from racing if the commission or commission employees with cause believe the animal or its owner, trainer, or an employee of the owner or trainer is in violation of this chapter or commission rules.

12. To withhold payment of a purse if the outcome of a race is disputed or until tests are performed on the animals to determine if they were illegally drugged.

13. To provide for immediate determination of the disposition of a challenge by a racing official or representative of the commission by establishing procedures for informal hearings before a panel of stewards at a racetrack.

14. To require a licensee to file an annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement pertaining to the licensee's racing activities in this state, together with a list of the stockholders or other persons having any beneficial interest in the racing activities of each licensee.

15. To issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and subpoenas duces tecum for the production of books, records and other pertinent documents in accordance with chapter 17A, and to administer oaths and affirmations to the witnesses, when, in the judgment of the racing and gaming commission, it is necessary to enforce this chapter or the commission rules.

16. To keep accurate and complete records of its proceedings and to certify the records as may be appropriate.

17. To require all licensees to use a computerized totalizator system for calculating odds and payouts from the pari-mutuel wagering pool and to establish standards to insure the security of the totalizator system.

18. To revoke or suspend licenses and impose fines not to exceed one thousand dollars.

19. To require licensees to indicate in their racing programs those horses which are treated with the legal medication lasix or phenylbutazone. The program shall also indicate if it is the first or subsequent time that a horse is racing with lasix, or if the horse has previously raced with lasix and the present race is the first race for the horse without lasix following its use.

20. Notwithstanding any contrary provision in this chapter, to provide for interstate combined wagering pools related to simulcasting horse or dog races and all related interstate pari-mutuel wagering activities.

21. To cooperate with the gamblers assistance program administered by the department of human services to incorporate information regarding the gamblers assistance program and its toll-free telephone number in printed materials distributed by the commission. The commission may require licensees to have the information available in a conspicuous place as a condition of licensure.

22. To take any other action as may be reasonable or appropriate to enforce this chapter and the commission rules.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 12.10, 99D.10

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