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358C.13 Board of trustees---powers---prohibited actions.

1. The board of trustees is the corporate authority of the district and shall manage and control the affairs and property of the district. A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day. The board of trustees shall elect a president, a clerk, and a treasurer from its membership.

2. The board of trustees may adopt the necessary ordinances, resolutions, and regulations for the proper management and conduct of the business of the board of trustees and the corporation and for carrying out the purposes for which the district is formed, including for the negotiation of short-term loans and the issuance of warrants.

3. If the board of trustees wishes to expand its authority to carry out public improvements in addition to the public improvements listed in the board's original petition as provided in section 358C.4, the board shall submit a petition to the board of supervisors specifying the additional public improvements to be included within the authority of the district and requesting that the board of supervisors order an election as provided in section 358C.7 to approve or disapprove the amendment. If the petition includes public improvements as specified in section 358C.4, the board of supervisors shall order the election to be conducted as otherwise provided in this chapter. If the amendment is approved, the original petition is amended to include the additional public improvements.

4. The board of trustees of a district shall not purchase and resell electric service or establish and operate a gasworks or electric light and power plant and system.

5. The board of trustees shall not require or grant a franchise under section 364.2, to any person pursuant to subsection 4.*

Section History: Recent form

95 Acts, ch 200, §13


*Subsection 4 of § 364.2 probably intended; corrective legislation is pending

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