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905.1 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Administrative agent" means the county selected by the district board to perform accounting, budgeting, personnel, facilities management, insurance, payroll and other supportive services on the behalf of the district board, or the district department itself, if so designated by the district board.

2. "Community-based correctional program" means correctional programs and services designed to supervise and assist individuals who are charged with or have been convicted of a felony, an aggravated misdemeanor or a serious misdemeanor, or who are on probation or parole in lieu of or as a result of a sentence of incarceration imposed upon conviction of any of these offenses, or who are contracted to the district department for supervision and housing while on work release.

3. "Director" means the director of a judicial district department of correctional services.

4. "District board" means the board of directors of a judicial district department of correctional services.

5. "District department" means a judicial district department of correctional services, established as required by section 905.2.

6. "Project" means a locally functioning part of a community-based correctional program, officed and operating in a physical location separate from the offices of the district department.

7. "Project advisory committee" means a committee of no more than seven persons which shall act in an advisory capacity to the director on matters pertaining to the planning, operation, and other pertinent functions of each project in the judicial district. The members of the project advisory committee for each project shall be initially appointed by the director from among the general public. Not more than one half of the project advisory committee shall hold public office or public employment during membership on the committee. A person who holds public office as a county supervisor and serves on the board of directors under section 905.3 shall not be a member of a project advisory committee under this section. The terms of the initial members of the project advisory committee shall be staggered to permit the terms of just over half of the members to expire in two years and those of the remaining members to expire in one year. Subsequent appointments to the project advisory committee shall be by vote of a majority of the whole project advisory committee for two-year terms.

Section History: Early form

[C75, 77, § 217.24, 217.25; C79, 81, § 905.1; 81 Acts, ch 207, § 1]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 89, § 1; 83 Acts, ch 96, § 134, 159; 91 Acts, ch 99, §1

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