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657A.4 Appointment of receiver.

After conducting a hearing pursuant to section 657A.3, the court may appoint a receiver to take possession and control of the property in question. A person shall not be appointed as a receiver unless the person has first provided the court with a viable financial and construction plan for the rehabilitation of the property in question and has demonstrated the capacity and expertise to perform the required work in a satisfactory manner. The appointed receiver may be a financial institution that possesses an interest of record in the property, a nonprofit corporation that is duly organized and exists for the primary purpose of improving housing conditions in the county or city in which the property in question is located, or any person deemed qualified by the court. No part of the net earnings of a nonprofit corporation serving as a receiver under this section shall benefit a private shareholder or individual. Membership on the board of trustees of a nonprofit corporation does not constitute the holding of a public office or employment and is not an interest, either direct or indirect, in a contract or expenditure of money by a city. No member of a board of trustees of a nonprofit corporation appointed as receiver is disqualified from holding public office or employment, nor is a member required to forfeit public office or employment by reason of the membership on the board of trustees.

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 222, §4

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Referred to in § 657A.3

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