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558A.4 Required information.

1. The disclosure statement shall include information relating to the condition and important characteristics of the property and structures located on the property, including significant defects in the structural integrity of the structure, as provided in rules which shall be adopted by the real estate commission pursuant to section 543B.9. The rules may require the disclosure to include information relating to the property's zoning classification; the condition of plumbing, heating, or electrical systems; or the presence of pests.

2. The disclosure statement may include a report or written opinion prepared by a person qualified to make judgment based on education or experience, as provided by rules adopted by the commission, including but not limited to a land surveyor licensed pursuant to chapter 542B, a geologist, a structural pest control operator licensed pursuant to section 206.6, or a building contractor. The report or opinion on a matter within the scope of the person's practice, profession, or expertise shall satisfy the requirements of this section or rules adopted by the commission regarding that matter required to be disclosed. If the report or opinion is in response to a request made for purposes of satisfying the disclosure statement, the report or opinion shall indicate which part of the disclosure statement the report or opinion satisfies.

Section History: Recent form

93 Acts, ch 30, §6

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Referred to in § 558A.6

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