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331.440 Mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities services---single entry point process.

1. a. For the purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires, "single entry point process" means a single entry point process established by a county or consortium of counties for the delivery of mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities services which are paid for in whole or in part by county funds. The single entry point process may include but is not limited to reviewing a person's eligibility for services, determining the appropriateness of the type, level, and duration of services, and performing periodic review of the person's continuing eligibility and need for services. Any recommendations developed concerning a person's plan of services shall be consistent with the person's unique strengths, circumstances, priorities, concerns, abilities, and capabilities. For those services funded under the medical assistance program, the single entry point process shall be used to assure that the person is aware of the appropriate service options available to the person.

b. The single entry point process may include a clinical assessment process to identify a person's service needs and to make recommendations regarding the person's plan for services. The clinical assessment process shall utilize qualified mental health professionals and qualified mental retardation professionals.

2. The department of human services shall seek federal approval as necessary for the single entry point and clinical assessment processes to be eligible for federal financial participation under medical assistance. A county may implement the single entry point process as part of a consortium of counties and may implement the process beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 1995.

3. The council on human services shall consider the recommendations of the state-county management committee established in section 331.438 in adopting rules outlining standards and requirements for implementation of the single entry point and clinical assessment processes on the date required by subsection 2. The rules shall permit counties options in implementing the process based upon a county's consumer population and available service delivery system.

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94 Acts, ch 1163, §4

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