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331.424 Supplemental levies.

To the extent that the basic levies are insufficient to meet the county's needs for the following services, the board may certify supplemental levies as follows:

1. For general county services, an amount sufficient to pay the charges for the following:

a. To the extent that the county is obligated by statute to pay the charges for:

(1) Care and treatment of patients by a state mental health institute.

(2) Care and treatment of patients by either of the state hospital-schools or by any other facility established under chapter 222 and diagnostic evaluation under section 222.31.

(3) Care and treatment of patients under chapter 225.

(4) Care and treatment of persons at the alcoholic treatment center at Oakdale. However, the county may require that an admission to the center shall be reported to the board by the center within five days as a condition of the payment of county funds for that admission.

(5) Care of children admitted or committed to the Iowa juvenile home at Toledo.

(6) Clothing, transportation, medical, or other services provided persons attending the Iowa braille and sight saving school, the Iowa school for the deaf, or the state hospital-school for severely handicapped children at Iowa City, for which the county becomes obligated to pay pursuant to sections 263.12, 269.2, and 270.4 through 270.7.

b. To the extent that the board deems it advisable to pay, the charges for professional evaluation, treatment, training, habilitation, and care of persons who are mentally retarded, autistic persons, or persons who are afflicted by any other developmental disability, at a suitable public or private facility providing inpatient or outpatient care in the county. As used in this paragraph:

(1) "Developmental disability" has the meaning assigned that term by 42 U.S.C. sec. 6001(7) (1976), Supp. II, 1978, and Supp. III, 1979.

(2) "Autistic persons" means persons, regardless of age, with severe communication and behavior disorders that became manifest during the early stages of childhood development and that are characterized by a severely disabling inability to understand, communicate, learn, and participate in social relationships. "Autistic persons" includes but is not limited to those persons afflicted by infantile autism, profound aphasia, and childhood psychosis.

c. Care and treatment of persons placed in the county hospital, county care facility, a health care facility as defined in section 135C.1, subsection 6, or any other public or private facility, which placement is in lieu of admission or commitment to or is upon discharge, removal, or transfer from a state mental health institute, hospital-school, or other facility established pursuant to chapter 222.

d. Amounts budgeted by the board for the cost of establishment and initial operation of a community mental health center in the manner and subject to the limitations provided by state law.

e. Foster care and related services provided under court order to a child who is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, including court-ordered costs for a guardian ad litem under section 232.71.

f. The care, admission, commitment, and transportation of mentally ill patients in state hospitals, to the extent that expenses for these services are required to be paid by the county, including compensation for the advocate appointed under section 229.19.

g. Amounts budgeted by the board for mental health services or mental retardation services furnished to persons on either an outpatient or inpatient basis, to a school or other public agency, or to the community at large, by a community mental health center or other suitable facility located in or reasonably near the county, provided that services meet the standards of the mental health and developmental disabilities commission created in section 225C.5 and are consistent with the annual plan for services approved by the board.

h. Reimbursement on behalf of mentally retarded persons under section 249A.12.

i. Elections, and voter registration pursuant to chapter 48A.

j. Employee benefits under chapters 96, 97B, and 97C, which are associated with salaries for general county services.

k. Joint county and city building authorities established under section 346.27, as provided in subsection 22 of that section.

l. Tort liability insurance, property insurance, and any other insurance that may be necessary in the operation of the county, costs of a self-insurance program, costs of a local government risk pool, and amounts payable under any insurance agreements to provide or procure such insurance, self- insurance program, or local government risk pool.

m. The maintenance and operation of the courts, including but not limited to the salary and expenses of the clerk of the district court and other employees of the clerk's office, and bailiffs, court costs if the prosecution fails or if the costs cannot be collected from the person liable, costs and expenses of prosecution under section 189A.17, salaries and expenses of juvenile court officers under chapter 602, court-ordered costs in domestic abuse cases under section 236.5, the county's expense for confinement of prisoners under chapter 356A, temporary assistance to the county attorney, county contributions to a retirement system for bailiffs, reimbursement for judicial magistrates under section 602.6501, claims filed under section 622.93, interpreters' fees under section 622B.7, uniform citation and complaint supplies under section 805.6, and costs of prosecution under section 815.13.

n. Court-ordered costs of conciliation procedures under section 598.16.

o. Establishment and maintenance of a joint county indigent defense fund pursuant to an agreement under section 28E.19.

p. The maintenance and operation of a local emergency management agency established pursuant to chapter 29C.

The board may require a public or private facility, as a condition of receiving payment from county funds for services it has provided, to furnish the board with a statement of the income, assets, and legal residence including township and county of each person who has received services from that facility for which payment has been made from county funds under paragraphs "a" through "h". However, the facility shall not disclose to anyone the name or street or route address of a person receiving services for which commitment is not required, without first obtaining that person's written permission.

Parents or other persons may voluntarily reimburse the county or state for the reasonable cost of caring for a patient or an inmate in a county or state facility.

2. For rural county services, an amount sufficient to pay the charges for the following:

a. Employee benefits under chapters 96, 97B, and 97C, which are associated with salaries for rural county services.

b. An aviation authority under chapter 330A, to the extent that the county contributes to the authority under section 330A.15.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

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