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257.42 Gifted and talented children.

Boards of school districts, individually or jointly with the boards of other school districts, requesting to use additional allowable growth for gifted and talented children programs, may annually submit program plans for gifted and talented children programs and budget costs, including requests for additional allowable growth for funding the programs, to the department of education and to the applicable gifted and talented children advisory council, if an advisory council has been established, as provided in this chapter.

The parent or guardian of a pupil may request that a gifted and talented children program be established for pupils who qualify as gifted and talented children under section 257.44, including demonstrated achievement or potential ability in a single subject area.

The department shall employ a consultant for gifted and talented children programs.

The department of education shall adopt rules under chapter 17A relating to the administration of sections 257.42 through 257.49. The rules shall prescribe the format of program plans submitted under section 257.43 and shall require that programs fulfill specified objectives. The department shall encourage and assist school districts to provide programs for gifted and talented children whether or not additional allowable growth is requested under this chapter.

The department may request that the staff of the auditor of state conduct an independent program audit to verify that the gifted and talented programs funded by additional allowable growth conform to a district's program plans.

Section History: Recent form

89 Acts, ch 135, § 42; 94 Acts, ch 1088, §1

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