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257.40 Plans for returning dropouts and dropout prevention.

The board of directors of a school district requesting to use additional allowable growth for programs for returning dropouts and dropout prevention shall submit applications for approval for the programs to the department not later than November 1 preceding the budget year during which the program will be offered. The department shall review the program plans and shall prior to January 15 either grant approval for the program or return the request for approval with comments of the department included. An unapproved request for a program may be resubmitted with modifications to the department not later than February 1. Not later than February 15, the department shall notify the department of management and the school budget review committee of the names of the school districts for which programs using additional allowable growth for funding have been approved and the approved budget of each program listed separately for each school district having an approved program.

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89 Acts, ch 135, § 40

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