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232.82 Removal of sexual offenders and physical abusers from the residence pursuant to court order.

1. Notwithstanding section 561.15, if it is alleged by a person authorized to file a petition under section 232.87, subsection 2, or by the court on its own motion, that a parent, guardian, custodian, or an adult member of the household in which a child resides has committed a sexual offense with or against the child, pursuant to chapter 709 or section 726.2, or a physical abuse as defined by section 232.2, subsection 42, the juvenile court may enter an ex parte order requiring the alleged sexual offender or physical abuser to vacate the child's residence upon a showing that probable cause exists to believe that the sexual offense or physical abuse has occurred and that substantial evidence exists to believe that the presence of the alleged sexual offender or physical abuser in the child's residence presents a danger to the child's life or physical, emotional, or mental health.

2. If an order is entered under subsection 1 and a petition has not yet been filed under this chapter, the petition shall be filed under section 232.87 by the county attorney, the department of human services, or a juvenile court officer within three days of the entering of the order.

3. The juvenile court may order on its own motion, or shall order upon the request of the alleged sexual offender or physical abuser, a hearing to determine whether the order to vacate the residence should be upheld, modified, or vacated. The juvenile court may in any later child in need of assistance proceeding uphold, modify, or vacate the order to vacate the residence.

Section History: Early form

[82 Acts, ch 1209, § 14]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 96, § 157, 159; 83 Acts, ch 186, § 10055, 10201; 86 Acts, ch 1186, § 6; 90 Acts, ch 1251, § 27

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