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232.190 Community grant fund---future repeal.

1. A community grant fund is established in the state treasury under the control of the division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of the department of human rights for the purposes of awarding grants under this section. The criminal and juvenile justice planning advisory council and the juvenile justice advisory council shall assist the division in administering grants awarded under this section. The department of human services shall advise the division on programs which meet the criteria established for grant recipients. Not more than one percent of the moneys appropriated to the fund shall be used for administrative purposes.

2. A city, county, or entity organized under chapter 28E may apply to the department for a grant on a matching basis to fund juvenile crime prevention programs. The match may come from funds provided to the city, county, or entity organized under chapter 28E from private sources, other state programs, or federal programs. A city, county, or entity organized under chapter 28E applying for a grant under this section is encouraged to seek matching funds from, but not limited to, the Iowa finance authority, the governor's alliance on substance abuse, and under the state and federal community reinvestment Acts. Applications shall state specific outcomes sought to be obtained under a program funded by a grant under this section.

3. Programs awarded moneys from the community grant fund shall involve a collaborative effort by all children and family support service providers to provide services and shall reflect a community-wide consensus in how to remediate community problems and may include programs dealing with truancy which involve school district and community partnerships, and programs involving judicial district community-based corrections programs. Services provided under the programs shall be comprehensive and utilize flexible delivery systems. The department of human services shall establish a point system for determining eligibility for grants from the fund based upon the nature and breadth of the community juvenile crime prevention programs and the extent to which a community has sought to obtain additional public and private funding sources for all or parts of the community's program.

4. This section is repealed effective June 30, 1998. The division of criminal and juvenile justice planning and the department of human services shall submit a report to the general assembly by January 15, 1998, regarding the effectiveness of the programs funded under this section in meeting the objectives contained in subsection 3.

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94 Acts, ch 1172, §27

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