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166D.10 Movement of swine.

1. A person shall not sell, lease, exhibit, or loan swine within the state, except to slaughter, unless the swine are accompanied by a certificate of inspection provided by the owner transferring possession. However, a native Iowa feeder pig moved from farm to farm within the state is exempt from the certificate of inspection's identification requirements if the owner transferring possession and the person taking possession state on the certificate of inspection that the feeder swine will not be commingled with other swine for a period of thirty days.

Swine moved into or within Iowa for breeding purposes must originate from a herd not under quarantine which is one of the following:

a. A herd classified as a qualified negative herd.

b. A controlled vaccinated herd which complies with the provisions of section 166D.7, subsection 2.

c. Swine which have individually reacted negatively to testing within the past thirty days.

d. A qualified differentiable negative herd.

2. Imported feeder pigs shall originate from noninfected herds. An imported feeder pig shall be subject to restricted movement, unless the pig reacted negatively to a test within the past thirty days.

3. A feeder pig moved intrastate shall be moved according to the following:

a. A feeder pig in a noninfected herd shall not be subject to restricted movement.

b. A feeder pig in a herd of unknown pseudorabies status shall be subject to restricted movement.

c. A feeder pig in a known infected herd shall be subject to restricted movement by certificate of inspection and only to an approved premises.

Section History: Recent form

89 Acts, ch 280, §10; 90 Acts, ch 1091, § 6; 90 Acts, ch 1168, § 30

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