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135.83 Contracts for assistance with analyses, studies and data.

In furtherance of the department's responsibilities under sections 135.76, 135.77 and 135.78, the director may contract with the Iowa hospital association and third party payers, the Iowa health care facilities association and third party payers, or the Iowa association of homes for the aging and third party payers for the establishment of pilot programs dealing with prospective rate review in hospitals or health care facilities, or both. Such contract shall be subject to the approval of the executive council and shall provide for an equitable representation of health care providers, third party payers, and health care consumers in the determination of criterion for rate review. No third party payer shall be excluded from positive financial incentives based upon volume of gross patient revenues. No state or federal funds appropriated or available to the department shall be used for any such pilot program.

Section History: Early form

[C79, 81, § 135.83]

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