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135.76 Analyses and studies by department.

1. The department shall from time to time undertake analyses and studies relating to hospital and health care facility costs and to the financial status of hospitals or health care facilities, or both, which are subject to the provisions of this division. It shall further require the filing of information concerning the total financial needs of each individual hospital or health care facility and the resources currently or prospectively available to meet these needs, including the effect of proposals made by health systems agencies. The department shall also prepare and file such summaries and compilations or other supplementary reports based on the information filed with it as will, in its judgment, advance the purposes of this division.

2. The analyses and studies required by this section shall be conducted with the objective of providing a basis for determining whether or not regulation of hospital and health care facility rates and charges by the state of Iowa is necessary to protect the health or welfare of the people of the state.

3. In conducting its analyses and studies, the department should determine whether:

a. The rates charged and costs incurred by hospitals and health care facilities are reasonably related to the services offered by those respective groups of institutions.

b. Aggregate rates of hospitals and of health care facilities are reasonably related to the aggregate costs incurred by those respective groups of institutions.

c. Rates are set equitably among all purchasers or classes of purchasers of hospital and of health care facility services.

d. The rates for particular services, supplies or materials established by hospitals and by health care facilities are reasonable. Determination of reasonableness of rates shall include consideration of a fair rate of return to proprietary hospitals and health care facilities.

4. All data gathered and compiled and all reports prepared under this section, except privileged medical information, shall be open to public inspection.

Section History: Early form

[C79, 81, § 135.76]

Internal References

Referred to in § 135.78, 135.79, 135.83

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