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12.35 Application.

1. An eligible lending institution that desires to receive a linked investment shall accept and review applications for loans from eligible borrowers. The lending institution shall apply all usual lending standards to determine the credit worthiness of each eligible borrower. Loan applications shall be for the purchase or lease of land, machinery, equipment, seed, fertilizer, direct marketing facilities, or new or expanding processing facilities for horticultural crops or nontraditional crops. The maximum size of a loan is two hundred thousand dollars per borrower for a production loan and five hundred thousand dollars for processing or marketing facilities.

2. The eligible financial institution shall forward to the state treasurer a linked investment loan package in the form and manner as prescribed by the treasurer of state. The package shall include information required by the treasurer of state, including but not limited to the amount of the loan requested and the purpose of the loan. The institution shall certify that the applicant is an eligible borrower and shall certify the present borrowing rate applicable to the specific eligible borrower.

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1096, § 5; 89 Acts, ch 234, § 5

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