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Senate File 493

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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  556H.1  UNCLAIMED DEER VENISON
  1  3    All deer venison deposited with an establishment licensed
  1  4 pursuant to chapter 189A, which remains unclaimed for a period
  1  5 of two months after the establishment has attempted to contact
  1  6 the deer venison owner at least once by ordinary mail at the
  1  7 owner's last known mailing address, shall be presumed to be
  1  8 abandoned.  The establishment may dispose of the abandoned
  1  9 deer venison by donating the deer venison to a local
  1 10 nonprofit, charitable organization.  For purposes of this
  1 11 section, the term "deer" means the Cervidae or game deer
  1 12 excluding any farm deer as defined in section 481A.1,
  1 13 subsection 20, paragraph "h", and all donated deer venison
  1 14 shall include game deer venison only and shall not be
  1 15 processed as a multispecies meat food product pursuant to
  1 16 chapter 189A.
  1 17    Sec. 2.  Section 672.1, subsection 2, Code 2001, is amended
  1 18 to read as follows:
  1 19    2.  A gleaner, or a restaurant, food establishment, food
  1 20 service establishment, school, manufacturer of foodstuffs,
  1 21 meat and poultry establishment licensed pursuant to chapter
  1 22 189A, or other person who, in good faith, donates food to a
  1 23 charitable or nonprofit organization for ultimate free
  1 24 distribution to needy individuals is not subject to criminal
  1 25 or civil liability arising from the condition of the food if
  1 26 the donor reasonably inspects the food at the time of the
  1 27 donation and finds the food fit for human consumption.  The
  1 28 immunity provided by this subsection does not extend to a
  1 29 donor or gleaner if damages result from the negligence,
  1 30 recklessness, or intentional misconduct of the donor, or if
  1 31 the donor or gleaner has, or should have had, actual or
  1 32 constructive knowledge that the food is tainted, contaminated,
  1 33 or harmful to the health or well-being of the ultimate
  1 34 recipient.  
  1 35                           EXPLANATION
  2  1    This bill provides for the disposal of deer venison by a
  2  2 licensed processing establishment if the owner does not claim
  2  3 the deer venison after a period of two months from the date
  2  4 the establishment attempted to contact the owner by mail at
  2  5 the owner's last known address.  If the deer venison is not
  2  6 claimed after the two-month period, the deer venison shall be
  2  7 presumed to be abandoned and the establishment may donate the
  2  8 deer venison to a local nonprofit, charitable organization.
  2  9    The bill defines deer venison which can be donated to
  2 10 exclude farm deer and to provide that the deer venison shall
  2 11 not be processed as a multispecie meat food product.
  2 12    The bill also provides limited immunity from civil and
  2 13 criminal liability to meat and poultry establishments which
  2 14 donate food to charitable or nonprofit organizations for free
  2 15 distribution.  
  2 16 LSB 2002SV 79
  2 17 tj/cf/24

Text: SF00492                           Text: SF00494
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