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House File 500
... the licensure of persons acting as insurance producers, providing an effective date, and applying penalties. (Formerly HSB 152).
House File 501
...providing magistrates who are not licensed to practice law in Iowa with the authority to review applications for involuntary hospitalization and applications for involuntary commitment or treatment of ...
House File 502
... agricultural production, by prohibiting acts relating to facilities or operations, making penalties applicable, and providing penalties and civil liability. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 503
... the issuance of deer depredation permits to landowners and providing a penalty.
House File 504
...providing for access to Iowa communications network services by political subdivisions of the state.
House File 505
...providing for a line of duty death benefit for reserve peace officers.
House File 506
...prohibiting the publication of false or misleading information in political advertisements, and applying a penalty.
House File 507
... the exercise of city police powers by providing for a law enforcement contract with a county, and providing for a referendum and other properly related matters.
House File 508
...transferring the powers and duties of the Missouri river preservation and land use authority to the loess hills development and conservation authority and providing effective dates.
House File 509
... the annual filing for the family farm tax credit, to the notification to the assessor of the change in ownership or the person actively engaged in farming the tract of agricultural land for which the ...
House File 510
... the delivery of services by certain health care professionals and health facilities and providing definitions. (See Cmte bill HF 2542) ...
House File 511
... the minimum estimated cost of a public improvement for a city or county requiring sealed bids and a public hearing and exempting certain public improvements from contract bidding procedures.
House File 512
... the establishment of an environmental education task force, providing for related matters, and making an appropriation.
House File 513
...establishing a physician loan reduction program and making an appropriation.
House File 514
... advanced research and commercialization projects.
House File 515
... the refunding of state sales and use taxes paid by contractors in the performance of construction contracts for a museum paid for through revenue bonds.
House File 516
... a petition to the court for a hearing on a criminal defendant's restitution plan.
House File 517
... the addition of an optional category to be covered under the medical assistance program. (Formerly HF 308).
House File 518
... jurisdictional changes to small claims court cases. Effective 7-1-02.
House File 519
... the qualifications and duties of the clerk of court. (Formerly HSB 172).
House File 520
... reciprocal nonresident hunting and fishing fees with the state of South Dakota. (See Cmte Bill HF 624).
House File 521
...exempting from the local sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes, sales made at the Iowa state fair and the sale or use of natural gas and electricity at the Iowa state fair.
House File 522
... an exemption from sales and use taxes of the cost of agricultural soil sampling and testing.
House File 523
... the funding pools in the property tax relief fund for county mental health and developmental disabilities services expenditures and providing effective and applicability dates. (See Cmte Bill HF 67 ...
House File 524
... the distribution of local school infrastructure sales and services tax revenues to contiguous counties and including effective and applicability date provisions.
House File 525
... the imposition of a sentence for an additional indeterminate term of years not to exceed two years for persons convicted of certain criminal offenses. (Formerly HSB 135) ...
House File 526
...providing for a study of state law requirements in this state and other states regarding barber reciprocity practices. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 527
... the growing and processing of grapes, creating a state commission, establishing a fund for certain tax receipts, and providing an appropriation. (See Cmte Bill HF 619). (See Cmte Bill HF 709).
House File 528
...prohibiting insurance discrimination on the basis of domestic abuse.
House File 529
... the appointment of the director and employees of the county conservation board.
House File 530
...providing for the display of flashing emergency signal lamps by motor vehicles in funeral processions.
House File 531
... the establishment of a system of oversight for adult day services. (See Cmte Bill HF 655).
House File 532
... wage discrimination in employment by providing for the determination of wage discrimination.
House File 533
... housing by creating a housing trust fund and a housing trust commission, transferring certain moneys to the fund, and changing the allocation of private activity bonds. (See Cmte Bill HF 694).
House File 534
...abolishing the statutory rule against perpetuities, making related changes, and providing an applicability date.
House File 535
...allowing cities to issue general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, or loan agreements to fund the construction and equipping of child care centers and providing an effective date. Effective 04-26-01.
House File 536
...removing economic development as a purpose for approval of an urban renewal plan and an urban renewal project for an urban renewal area.
House File 537
... local government fiscal reform. (Formerly HF 4).
House File 538
... the content of marketing, informational, and educational materials of the lottery board.
House File 539
... life science initiatives by providing for an income, franchise, and gross premiums tax credit for making capital investments in a cooperative association or limited liability company organized to ope ...
House File 540
... the property tax levy for the maintenance of the office of assessor and other assessment procedures and including effective and applicability date provisions.
House File 541
... the required fuel efficiency of newly purchased state and local government vehicles.
House File 542
...legalizing the sale and use of fireworks, providing for exceptions and limitations on sales and use, and providing penalties.
House File 543
... the establishment of a parental involvement program. (See Cmte Bill HF 682).
House File 544
... income, franchise, and gross premiums tax credits for child care employee benefits provided by businesses to their employees and including an applicability date provision.
House File 545
...exempting irrigation equipment from sales and use taxes, providing limited refunds, and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. (See Cmte Bill HF 723).
House File 546
...providing that certain employees are not entitled to compensation for time spent traveling to and from the worksite. (See Cmte Bill HF 635).
House File 547
...providing protections for contract producers of agricultural commodities, providing for the administration and enforcement of its provisions, providing penalties, and including applicability and effec ...
House File 548
... an increase in the amount of the minimum community resource allowance to be retained by the spouse of an institutionalized individual under the medical assistance program. (Formerly HF 183).
House File 549
...providing for agricultural liens. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 550
...adding the offense of criminal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus to the list of criminal offenses that require registration under the sex offender registry and providing an effective date.
House File 551
... the levy of tax assessments for drainage or levee districts. (See Cmte Bill HF 711).
House File 552
...providing for Iowa communications network services access by political subdivisions of the state.
House File 553
... the establishment and review of state threatened or endangered species lists.
House File 554
... the levy of taxes for special assessments on properties owned by the federal government.
House File 555
...raising the amount of funeral expense payments made to persons qualified for state supplementary assistance and to children participating in the family investment program.
House File 556
... additional work assignments for teachers under phase III of the educational excellence program.
House File 557
...appropriating moneys to support the testing of soil samples and the reporting of results regarding the presence of soybean cyst nematodes.
House File 558
... the consenting of individuals to testing and the release of results of tests for communicable and infectious diseases and for the human immunodeficiency virus.
House File 559
...establishing the at-home infant child care program.
House File 560
... child foster care regulatory requirements and providing an effective date. Effective 05-02-01.
House File 561
...modifying prohibitions relating to the operation of an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile.
House File 562
... compensation of peace officers employed by the department of public safety.
House File 563
...providing for a study by the judicial branch concerning the establishment of mental health courts. (See Cmte Bill HF 645).
House File 564
...providing for the reversion of dividends and distributions by certain cooperative associations. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 565
... the taking of fish and game by increasing fees for nonresident hunting, fishing, fur harvesting, and related licenses, providing for additional licenses and fees, and providing effective and applicab ...
House File 566
... the terms "registered voter", "eligible elector", and "qualified voter" for purposes of elections, voter registration, statutory petition requirements, absentee voting by armed forces, and drainage d ...
House File 567
...providing for a legal risk waiver in interstate adoptions. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 568
... the Iowa individual health benefit reinsurance association and the Iowa comprehensive health insurance association, by changing the board of directors, membership, assessment, and premium tax offset ...
House File 569
... the proposed uniform computer information transactions Act. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 570
...providing for a school district budget adjustment, and providing an effective date.
House File 571
...providing authority to levy for additional funding in school districts with disproportionately high gifted and talented student populations, and providing an effective date.
House File 572
... wolves and wolf hybrids by providing for the breeding, sale, and possession of wolves and wolf hybrids and providing for fees and a penalty.
House File 573
... the application of sales and services tax receipts by a political subdivision to the payment of principal and interest of certain bonds. (See Cmte Bill HF 739).
House File 574
...providing for juvenile detention and requiring a physical or mental examination of a child who carries a firearm on school grounds.
House File 575
... establishing the state percent of growth for a school budget year, and providing an applicability date. (Formerly HSB 193).
House File 576
... certain school finance provisions and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 157). (See Cmte Bill HF 728).
House File 577
... electric power generation and transmission, by addressing the criteria for construction or lease of an electric generating facility, and for the development of ratemaking principles to apply to certa ...
House File 578
...including specified foreign exchange pupils in the actual enrollment of a school district, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 2.1).
House File 579
... the administration and management of the department of personnel and the state board of regents. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 580
...providing for the regulation of fire protection systems and personnel, making an appropriation, and providing civil and criminal penalties. (Formerly HSB 122) (See Cmte bill HF 2588) ...
House File 581
... the size of drainage or levee districts having election districts. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 582
... the division and development of land by amending provisions relating to subdivision plats and plats of survey and relating to annexation and other boundary adjustments, and providing for the Act's ap ...
House File 583
... the certification of persons providing water pump services. Effective 7-1-02.
House File 584
... wastewater systems, establishing a fund, appropriating moneys from the fund, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HF 247).
House File 585
... the electronic benefits transfer program of the department of human services.
House File 586
... the issuance of permits for the display of certain emergency vehicles to motor vehicle dealers not licensed in Iowa and to nonresident motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors.
House File 587
...providing magistrates who are not licensed to practice law in Iowa with the authority to review applications for involuntary hospitalization and applications for involuntary commitment or treatment of ...
House File 588
... service of a nontestimonial identification order by a law enforcement officer. (Formerly HF 446).
House File 589
... the authentication of out-of-state judicial records. (Formerly HF 483).
House File 590
... the testing of individuals and the release of the results of tests for communicable and infectious diseases and for the human immunodeficiency virus and making penalties applicable. Effective 07-01 ...
House File 591
... eligibility requirements for certain persons with disabilities under the medical assistance program. (Formerly HF 45).
House File 592
... child care by requiring registration of family child care homes.
House File 593
...providing for the transfer of custody and termination of parental rights for certain newborn infants whose parent voluntarily surrenders physical custody at certain health facilities and providing for ...
House File 594
... the display of one motor vehicle registration plate on motor vehicles twenty-five years old or older.
House File 595
...creating a council of governments fund for economic development, related financial assistance, and making an appropriation.
House File 596
... child workers and child migrant workers and providing penalties.
House File 597
... the disposition of unclaimed deer venison processed by a meat and poultry processing establishment. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 598
...establishing a child protection center grant program. Effective 07-01-01.
House File 599
... marriage including options related to premarital education, marriage license fees, and the time period that must expire prior to a marriage license becoming valid.

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