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House File 2001
... the applicability of the postsecondary education subsidy and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates.
House File 2002
... the internet, by restricting advertising by governmental entities.
House File 2003
...providing that certain financial information of certain foundations which support state board of regents' institutions is a public record.
House File 2004
... property tax assessments of subdivided property and providing an applicability date.
House File 2005
... governmental preferences for services from service providers located within the state of Iowa and making penalties applicable. (See Cmte bill HF 2536) ...
House File 2006
... the abatement of state sales and use taxes and local sales and service taxes of purchasers of certain access to on-line computer services and providing refunds, and including effective and applicabil ...
House File 2007
...eliminating the requirement that a bicycle safety flag be used while operating an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile on a highway.
House File 2008
... the election of directors of local school districts, area education agencies, and merged areas on the date of the general election, and including an effective date, applicability, and transition prov ...
House File 2009
...allowing an assessor to be a candidate for elective public office and providing an effective date. Effective 4-8-02.
House File 2010
... the vote required for passage of certain bond issuances and providing for the Act's applicability.
House File 2011
... consideration of nonpayment of child support in the awarding of visitation.
House File 2012
... the publishing of board meeting minutes of economic development corporations.
House File 2013
...the college student aid commission to waive or modify statutory or regulatory provisions applicable to state financial aid programs for affected students in the event of a national emergency. (See Cmt ...
House File 2014
...establishing a criminal offense and penalty for the sale of certain ephedrine or creatinine products to a person under eighteen years of age.
House File 2015
... the eligibility for a military service property tax exemption by a current or former member of the Iowa national guard.
House File 2016
...a city or county to prohibit the sale of paintball guns to persons who are less than twenty-one years of age.
House File 2017
...certain state institutions to encumber a portion of an operational appropriation to be used for specified purposes.
House File 2018
... the abatement of interest on state sales and use taxes and local sales and service taxes of purchasers of certain access to on-line computer services and providing refunds, and including effective an ...
House File 2019
... the resources enhancement and protection fund by reallocating moneys between the open spaces account and the state land management account, by reallocating moneys within the open spaces account, and ...
House File 2020
...the use of automated enforcement systems to enforce certain traffic regulations, authorizing a surcharge, and making penalties applicable.
House File 2021
...allowing an individual income tax deduction for federal taxes paid under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the federal Railroad Retirement Tax Act, and the federal Self- Employment Contribution ...
House File 2022
...eliminating the individual income tax deduction for federal income taxes paid and including a retroactive applicability date provision.
House File 2023
... the membership of the planning and zoning commission in certain cities. (See Cmte Bill HF 2135) ...
House File 2024
... the care and maintenance of cemeteries by a county or a caretaker.
House File 2025
...a qualified organization to contract for concessions during a bingo occasion.
House File 2026
...providing a rebuttable presumption of negligence against operators of motor vehicles involved in traffic accidents while using mobile telephones.
House File 2027
... taking deer with a free deer hunting license by a landowner, tenant, or family members of a landowner or tenant.
House File 2028
... the performance of honor guard services on public property by members of a reserve officer training corps. (See Cmte Bill HF 2028) ...
House File 2029
... the powers and duties of the adjutant general by providing uniformed honor guards at burial, interment, or memorial services of military veterans.
House File 2030
... the allowance of the military service tax exemption for mobile or manufactured homes subject to the annual square foot tax and including an applicability date provision.
House File 2031
... the procedural requirements for foreign and international adoption, providing for applicability, and providing an effective date. (See Cmte Bill HF 2190) ...
House File 2032
... the jurisdiction of the utilities board to regulate rates and services of water distributed from a privately owned water well.
House File 2033
...providing a method for issuing certificates of title for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, and registration certificates for certain watercraft, for which ownership has not been conclusively estab ...
House File 2034
... school districts to display a United States flag in each classroom during school hours.
House File 2035
... the state historic property rehabilitation tax credit and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. Effective 2-21-02.
House File 2036
...establishing a nursing shortage forgivable loan program and fund and making an appropriation from the healthy Iowans tobacco trust.
House File 2037
... notarial acts by judicial officers. (See Cmte Bill HF 2191) ...
House File 2038
... seat belts in truck beds and making existing penalties applicable.
House File 2039
... body piercing including requiring a permit for practicing body piercing and prohibiting body piercing of minors without prior written consent of a parent, providing for injunctive relief, and providi ...
House File 2040
...lowering the blood alcohol concentration limit for motor vehicle operating while intoxicated offenses.
House File 2041
...allowing a county to establish a transit system as a county enterprise and to levy a property tax for the transit system.
House File 2042
... the duration of urban revitalization tax exemptions and providing a retroactive applicability date.
House File 2043
... the circumstances under which a United States reserve officer training corps recruiter shall have access to the campus of a postsecondary educational institution.
House File 2044
...the reemployment of Iowa public employees' retirement system retirees by eliminating certain earnings restrictions and modifying the requirements for a bona fide retirement.
House File 2045
... the collection and recycling of motor oil filters.
House File 2046
... determinations of the need for a child's treatment with a psychotropic drug under child in need of assistance procedures and school policies. (See Cmte Bill HF 2318) ...
House File 2047
... notice of proposed legislation that may contain an exception to open governmental meeting requirements.
House File 2048
... the right to demand a jury trial in a divorce proceeding.
House File 2049
... venture capital by creating an Iowa capital investment board, authorizing the organization of an Iowa capital investment corporation and an Iowa fund of funds, and authorizing the issuance of conting ...
House File 2050
... the reimbursement amount received by dealers or persons operating redemption centers who redeem empty beverage containers.
House File 2051
... the membership of the commission of veterans affairs.
House File 2052
...the district court to waive the requirement that the state or any of its political subdivisions file a supersedeas bond upon appeal to the Iowa supreme court. (See Cmte Bill HF 2339) ...
House File 2053 increase the maximum amount of a vocational-technical tuition grant. (See Cmte Bill HF 2139) ...
House File 2054
... the posting of close-clearance warning devices by railroads and providing a penalty.
House File 2055
...providing for access by licensed chiropractors to designated hospital services. (See Cmte bill HF 2513) ...
House File 2056
... prohibiting the use of the general fund of the state to implant the product of human somatic cell nuclear transfer in a woman's uterus, and providing a civil penalty.
House File 2057
...adding civics to the curriculum public and accredited nonpublic schools are required to teach in grades seven and eight.
House File 2058
... the establishment of a crossbow deer season by the natural resource commission and subjecting violators to a scheduled fine.
House File 2059
...bona fide retirement for nurses under the Iowa public employees' retirement system.
House File 2060
... the criminal offense of making a false report and providing a penalty. (See Cmte bill HF 2525) ...
House File 2061
... the membership of the state board of regents.
House File 2062
...providing for licensure sanctions against defaulters of designated loan and scholarship programs. (See Cmte bill HF 2467) ...
House File 2063
... the powers of the department of public safety in regard to security on the capitol complex.
House File 2064
...providing for utilization of physical plant and equipment levy revenue for technology expenditures. (See Cmte Bill HF 2184) (See Cmte bill HF 2590) ...
House File 2065
... resident license fees for hunting, fishing, trapping and related activities for members of the armed forces of the United States. (See Cmte Bill HF 2320) ...
House File 2066
...the manner of filing state department or agency reports with the general assembly.
House File 2067
... the acceptance of voluntary goods and services for the construction and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities under the jurisdiction of a county conservation board.
House File 2068
... assessment of certain vineyards for purposes of property taxation and providing a retroactive applicability date. (See Cmte bill HF 2584) ...
House File 2069
... reemployment of Iowa public employees' retirement system retirees.
House File 2070
... the registration and operation of low-speed vehicles on the highways of this state.
House File 2071
... foreign and international adoption requirements.
House File 2072
... a park user permit system for state lands under the jurisdiction of the natural resource commission, providing for permit fees and a writing fee, providing civil and criminal penalties, and providing ...
House File 2073
... property tax exemptions for pollution-control or recycling property associated with the maintenance of livestock.
House File 2074
... consideration of certain factors in the awarding of custody of children.
House File 2075
... the repayment of moneys appropriated from the endowment for Iowa's health account of the tobacco settlement trust fund and from the senior living trust fund. Effective 7-1-02.
House File 2076
... the designation of open water refuges for, and the protection of, migratory and wild birds and subjecting violators to a penalty.
House File 2077
... all felons to submit a physical specimen for DNA profiling. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2201) ...
House File 2078
... economic stimulus measures for businesses by creating an Iowa capital investment board, authorizing the organization of an Iowa capital investment corporation and an Iowa fund of funds, and authorizi ...
House File 2079
...establishing a new economy employment initiative by providing for a partial deduction under the individual income tax for the capital gain from the sale or exchange of capital stock of a corporation w ...
House File 2080
...prohibiting a school district or accredited nonpublic school from spending state moneys to pay membership dues or fees to more than one athletic organization.
House File 2081
...establishing a small business growth initiative by adjusting the allocation to Iowa of income earned by an S corporation for purposes of the state individual income tax and including a retroactive app ...
House File 2082
...expanding the time periods within which watercraft must be registered after a sale or transfer and within which watercraft may be operated without an identification number. Effective 7-1-02.
House File 2083
...eliminating earning restrictions for Iowa public employees' retirement system retirees.
House File 2084
... the applicability of the thermal efficiency energy conservation standards in the state building code. (See Cmte bill HF 2418) ...
House File 2085
...allowing elections in cities with a population of two hundred or less to be conducted by mail ballots and providing penalties.
House File 2086
... the refund of sales or use tax paid on materials used in the construction of a nonprofit private museum and including an effective and applicability date provision.
House File 2087
... that state agencies purchase Iowa agricultural commodities and food derived from Iowa agricultural commodities.
House File 2088
... electronic filing of disclosure reports by certain candidates and providing an effective date.
House File 2089
... the reading of a crime victim impact statement at an adult sentencing hearing.
House File 2090
...prohibiting public contracting entities from entering into certain labor-related agreements for public works projects, and providing an effective date.
House File 2091
...prohibiting disbursements of moneys from the vision Iowa fund to entities entering into certain labor-related agreements, and providing an effective date.
House File 2092
... a tax credit for pollution control and recycling property connected to property used for the care and feeding of livestock.
House File 2093
... the scheduling of football games by the institutions of higher education under the control of the state board of regents.
House File 2094
... gambling by prohibiting licensees from installing and operating slot machines using themes and characters associated with a product intended for, marketed to, and used by persons under twenty-one yea ...
House File 2095
... law enforcement officers to make every effort to maintain the condition of livestock being transported by persons detained by such officers.
House File 2096
...providing for the designation of nurse midwives and advanced registered nurse practitioners as primary care health providers for purposes of the center for rural health and primary care. (See Cmte bil ...
House File 2097
...prohibiting the loaning of money for gambling purposes through a credit card or an electronic or mechanical device at a licensed gambling facility.
House File 2098
... the daily observance of a minute of silence in each accredited public and nonpublic school classroom. (See Cmte bill HF 2516) ...
House File 2099
... gambling by providing for the distribution of gambling receipts from excursion gambling boats or racetracks at least annually for educational, civic, public, charitable, patriotic, or religious uses.

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