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House File 2400
...providing a procedure for the preservation of a mechanic's lien for materials or labor furnished to a subcontractor and providing for related matters. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2401
... the number of bank offices which may be established by a bank within a municipal corporation or urban complex. (Formerly HSB 613) ...
House File 2402 amend the crime of burglary in the first degree to include commission of sexual abuse as a possible element of the offense. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2403
... property of a debtor which is exempt from execution. (Formerly HSB 567) ...
House File 2404
... underinsured or uninsured motor vehicle insurance coverage for damages to property.
House File 2405
... urban renewal and urban revitalization areas, and certain property located in an urban renewal area, certification of urban renewal debt, and improvements related to urban renewal projects, and provi ...
House File 2406
... limiting the use of cellular telephones while operating a motor vehicle and making a penalty applicable.
House File 2407
... approved substance abuse programs for persons convicted of operating-while-intoxicated offenses.
House File 2408
... anatomical gifts by modifying certain qualification requirements for hospital reimbursement grants and requiring submission of an annual donation and compliance report. (Formerly HSB 608) ...
House File 2409 increase the penalties applicable to the hiring or employment of unauthorized aliens. (Formerly HSB 611) ...
House File 2410
... the removing, sale, or purchase of war relics from a cemetery and providing penalties. (Formerly HSB 630) ...
House File 2411
... solid waste tonnage fees, the allocation of taxes on solid waste collection, and disposal service and making appropriations. (Formerly H.F. 2156) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2555).
House File 2412
... optometrists' reports to the department of transportation concerning a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2413
... motor vehicle damage disclosure statements. (Formerly HSB 619) ...
House File 2414
...providing for voluntary limitations of campaign expenditures and contributions for certain elective officers, providing for disclosure for candidates who do not elect to voluntarily limit campaign exp ...
House File 2415
...allowing school districts to enter joint agreements establishing one high school for two school districts and providing an effective date.
House File 2416
... the allocation of profits from the sale of alcoholic liquors.
House File 2417
...creating a library 2000 account in the state library fund and making an appropriation.
House File 2418
...related to volunteerism and making related appropriations.
House File 2419
... eligible housing businesses qualifying for incentives and assistance in enterprise zones, providing additional incentives and assistance for approved eligible businesses located in an enterprise zone ...
House File 2420
... the operation and regulation of managed care health services.
House File 2421
...establishing a unified publicly funded child day care assistance program administered by the department of human services.
House File 2422
... an individual income tax credit for the costs of adding protective structures to tractors to prevent rollovers and providing effective and applicability date provisions.
House File 2423
... airlines doing business in this state to make certain refunds for medically related reasons.
House File 2424
...providing for the expansion of the system of issuance of motor vehicle licenses by county treasurers. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2425
...process applicable to controversies and to final decisions in contested cases to which the department of human services is a party.
House File 2426
... the provision of water service and the compensation of a water district for facilities within the annexed territory of a city.
House File 2427
...regarding commercial solicitations, by providing for the removal of identifying information from solicitation lists, providing for the release of public records, and providing penalties.
House File 2428
... substance abuse assessment and treatment coordination and provision of drunk driving courses by state- licensed substance abuse agencies to convicted operating- while-intoxicated offenders, and makin ...
House File 2429
... the regulation of physical exercise clubs. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2430
... state funding for education programs in juvenile detention facilities and providing an applicability date provision.
House File 2431
... an increase in the voter-approved community college facilities levy.
House File 2432
... a state general aid appropriation distribution formula for community colleges.
House File 2433
...expanding the criminal code definition of serious injury to include certain injuries to children.
House File 2434
... interest on rental deposits being held by landlords.
House File 2435
... the entrepreneurs with disabilities program. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2436
... the state registrar of voters. (Formerly HSB 523) ...
House File 2437
... state aid to school districts for pupils enrolled in kindergarten. (Formerly HSB 590) ...
House File 2438
... the regulation of commercial feed. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2439
... the allocation of cost-share moneys as financial incentives to encourage summer construction of permanent soil and water conservation practices. (Formerly HSB 656) ...
House File 2440
... the powers and duties of county treasurers and including an applicability date provision. (Formerly HSB 615) ...
House File 2441
...regulating bulk dry animal nutrient products, providing for fees and an appropriation, providing penalties, and providing for an effective date. (Formerly HSB 527) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2542) ...
House File 2442
...providing for the facsimile transmission of commitment orders, related factual findings, and acknowledgment of receipt of the order and findings, in substance abuse commitments, mental retardation com ...
House File 2443
... state workers' compensation coverage for students at a community college participating in school-to- work programs. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2444
... annual reports, audits, and board of director composition of nonprofit corporations created by or in association with the Iowa finance authority and providing effective dates. (Formerly H.F. 2265) ...
House File 2445
...making an appropriation to the city of Hazleton for repairs to a dam.
House File 2446
... crime prevention by creating a local corrections infrastructure grant program, authorizing the use of bonding, making appropriations, imposing a surcharge on criminal fines and forfeitures, providing ...
House File 2447
... mobile home dealers. (Formerly H.F. 2133) ...
House File 2448
... the operation and regulation of banks and making technical corrections. (Formerly HSB 579) ...
House File 2449
...creating an Iowa empowerment board for managing state and community efforts involving community empowerment areas and providing effective dates. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2507) ...
House File 2450
... practitioner preparation programs and the successful completion of coursework on technology and the implementation of technology into the classroom.
House File 2451
...the department of human services to pay housing costs to the provider directly on behalf of an applicant or participant in the family investment program.
House File 2452
... a tonnage fee exemption for certain solid waste disposal facilities.
House File 2453
... assaults on off-duty peace officers providing private duty security.
House File 2454
... motor vehicle operator proof of financial responsibility and providing an effective date and for retroactive applicability. Effective 4-17-98.
House File 2455
... involvement of federal military installations with child abuse assessments. (Formerly HSB 596) ...
House File 2456
...changing the designation of the judiciary in the Code from the judicial department to the judicial branch. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2457
...establishing a civil cause of action on behalf of the state to recover, from manufacturers of tobacco products, medical assistance payments made by the state due to injury, disease, or disability caus ...
House File 2458
...establishing an early childhood education imperatives program and making an appropriation. (Formerly HSB 513) ...
House File 2459
... the creation of a certified school to career program, providing refunds for certain wages paid to and amounts held in trust for individuals in the program, making an appropriation and including an ef ...
House File 2460
... the licensing of certified professional midwives, establishing the board of professional midwife examiners, and prohibiting the use of the title certified professional midwife without a license.
House File 2461
... use of the revitalize Iowa's sound economy fund for highway access to projects related to value-added agriculture.
House File 2462
... the election of a local exchange carrier to be price-regulated and providing an effective date.
House File 2463
... review of and liability for certain health care treatment decisions.
House File 2464
... insurance coverage for motor vehicles in this state and providing penalties.
House File 2465
... workers' compensation by changing the name of the division and personnel responsible, providing for the commencement of compensation during a healing period, and providing for reporting requirements.
House File 2466
... public notice of annexation applications. (Formerly HSB 646) ...
House File 2467
... the standard uniforms of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs. (Formerly HSB 657) ...
House File 2468
...establishing an electronic benefits transfer program in the department of human services. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2469
... a reinsurer's liability. (Formerly HSB 651) ...
House File 2470
...providing for drug testing of public safety employees. (Formerly H.F. 289) ...
House File 2471
...the number of supreme court justices and court of appeals judges, and including a contingent effective date. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2472
... civil penalties imposed for violations of city or county ordinances or city or county infractions. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2473
...providing for mediation in disputes involving agricultural producers. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2474
... electronic commerce security, and providing penalties. (Formerly HSB 650) ...
House File 2475
... certain crimes against persons, by permitting the retention as criminal history data of acquittals, dismissals, or adjudications based on mental condition if the charge involved injury to another, by ...
House File 2476
...providing for connection to the Iowa communications network by the quad cities graduate center. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2477
...compliance with the terms of an employee pension plan and providing a penalty. (Formerly H.F. 595) (Formerly H.F. 664) ...
House File 2478
... confidentiality in the mediation process. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2479
... real estate titles involving bankruptcy. (Formerly HSB 679) ...
House File 2480 repeal the future repeal of the interception of communications chapter. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2481
... the time for review of the reorganization of a public utility by the utilities board and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 545) ...
House File 2482
... certain criminal acts committed on or against the property of railway corporations and providing and applying penalties. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2483
... employment background checks by care facilities and services, creating a single contact repository, and making appropriations. (Formerly HSB 686) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2557) ...
House File 2484
... the taxation of certain credit unions at the same rate and in the same manner as other financial institutions doing business in Iowa and including an applicability date provision.
House File 2485
... an individual income tax deduction for expenses incurred for marital counseling and providing a retroactive applicability date.
House File 2486 prohibit criminal or juvenile justice agencies from requesting polygraph tests from sexual abuse victims or witnesses as a precondition to an investigation. (Formerly H.F. 351) ...
House File 2487
... the fines and penalties applicable to the sale of alcohol and providing an effective date. Effective 7-1-98, with exception of Section 5, effective 1-1-99. Section 4, repealed 12-31-98.
House File 2488
...providing for cochairpersons of the administrative rules review committee. (Formerly HSB 680) ...
House File 2489
...establishing a state employee deferred compensation trust fund. (Formerly HBS 673) ...
House File 2490
... the administration of the insurance account of the comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund, creating an underground storage tank insurance board, an underground storage tank insurance f ...
House File 2491
... amusement ride rider safety, providing a penalty, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 599) ...
House File 2492
... drainage districts, by extending the period for financing repairs and improvements. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2493
...nonsubstantive gender-related provisions in the Code. (Formerly HSB 658) ...
House File 2494
...providing for agricultural production, including regulating animal feeding operations and making penalties applicable and providing effective dates. Effective 7-1-98, with exception of Sections 9, 10 ...
House File 2495
... the conduct of elections in the state. Effective 7-1-98, with exceptions of Section 17, repealing code section 39.5 & Section 14, section 357G.9, effective 4-17-98.
House File 2496
... public retirement systems, and providing effective, implementation, and applicability dates. Various effective dates, see bill. tes, see bill.
House File 2497
... cooperatives organized under Code chapter 501. (Formerly HSB 665) ...
House File 2498
... and making appropriations to certain state departments, agencies, funds, and certain other entities, providing for regulatory authority, and other properly related matters, and providing effective da ...
House File 2499
... and making transportation and other infrastructure-related appropriations to the state department of transportation and other state agencies, including allocation and use of moneys from the general f ...

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