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House File 300
... operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), by eliminating the six-year time period used to calculate a defendant's total number of prior OWI convictions in determining the defendant's penalty ...
House File 301
...providing for interests by persons owning or leasing agricultural land, and providing penalties. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 706) ...
House File 302
...increasing the speed limit on interstate and fully controlled-access, divided, multilaned highways for certain motor vehicles. (See Cmte. Bill HF 403) ...
House File 303
... hunting privileges for nonresident owners of farm units.
House File 304
...establishing a state environmental education program and making appropriations.
House File 305
...updating the Iowa Code references to the Internal Revenue Code and providing a retroactive applicability date and an effective date. (Formerly HSB 26) ...
House File 306
... the individual income tax by extending the special method of computation of tax for value-added S corporation shareholders to all S corporation shareholders and eliminating the refund limitation and ...
House File 307
... the definition of an owner of a mercantile establishment for purposes of recovery of merchandise or damages. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 308
... notification requirements for communications between a debt collector and a debtor. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 309
... review and oversight of actions of the ozone transport assessment group. (Formerly HSB 107) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 310
...providing for direct reimbursement of pharmacists by certain third-party payors of health care coverage costs.
House File 311
... transporting railroad employees and equipment and making penalties applicable.
House File 312
... tip-up fishing in the waters of the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers and subjecting violators to an existing penalty. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 679) ...
House File 313
... criminal and child abuse record checks of persons receiving state funding for providing child day care, and making a penalty applicable. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 314
... payment of insurance deductibles or related damages resulting from accidents involving deer and motor vehicles.
House File 315
... straight ticket voting.
House File 316
... the reduction in the state individual income tax rates and providing a retroactive applicability date provision.
House File 317
... veterans' benefits, veterans preference, veterans' claims, and providing a penalty.
House File 318 prohibit sexual exploitation by law enforcement officers and providing a penalty.
House File 319
...expanding the age range of the employees to whom the board of directors of a school district may offer a retirement incentive program, expanding the conditions under which the district may utilize the ...
House File 320
...increasing the exceptions to the registration requirements for postsecondary schools, and eliminating an exemption for nondegree specialty vocational training programs from the accreditation requireme ...
House File 321
... the executive branch and agencies under the executive branch to implement a new budgeting process which utilizes certain performance measures.
House File 322
... establishing a prevention of domestic violence special motor vehicle registration plate and establishing fees.
House File 323
... directory assistance for state government telephone numbers.
House File 324
...defining the curricula of practitioner preparation program requirements relating to students with disabilities.
House File 325
... transfers of membership service for purposes of calculating a retirement allowance under the Iowa public employees' retirement system and the statewide fire and police retirement system.
House File 326
...classifying animal feeding operations as the same operation if located within a certain number of feet from each other.
House File 327
... dispositional orders pertaining to certain delinquent children by expanding the criteria for state training school placements and providing for extension of dispositional orders to allow completion o ...
House File 328
... a state income tax checkoff for juvenile crime prevention programs and providing a retroactive applicability date.
House File 329
... the operating requirements of an intermediate care facility for persons with mental retardation. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 702) ...
House File 330
... the state income tax checkoff for domestic abuse services and providing a retroactive applicability date. (Formerly HF 35) ...
House File 331
... the authorization of school officials to conduct searches of students, student protected areas, lockers, desks, and other facilities and spaces and including effective and applicability provisions. E ...
House File 332
...the condemnation of private property by owners of land without a public way to the land.
House File 333
... contracts between city officers or employees and cities.
House File 334
... certain franchise agreements by establishing a duty of good faith, providing for alternative dispute resolution, providing for venue and choice of law, and repealing existing franchise provisions. (F ...
House File 335
... public health issues under the purview of the Iowa department of public health, including vital statistics, chemical substance abuse, the board of nursing examiners, the board of dental examiners, le ...
House File 336
...providing for the assessment of lands owned by the department of natural resources within levee and drainage districts. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 337
...providing a waiver of school year length requirements due to extensions caused by inclement weather, and providing an effective date.
House File 338
... a county treasurer to refuse to renew a vehicle registration if the person applying for renewal owes restitution in any county.
House File 339
... the recording of hearings and proceedings before a magistrate. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 678) ...
House File 340
...exempting interest from general obligation bonds and notes issued by school districts the proceeds of which are used for infrastructure projects.
House File 341
... the one-hundred-eighty-day school calendar requirement and a temporary law authorizing the director of the department of education to waive the requirement under certain circumstances, and providing ...
House File 342
...increasing the property damage limit for mandatory reporting of motor vehicle accidents.
House File 343
... the disposition of receipts from the sale of state-owned timber.
House File 344
...establishing an Iowa wins scholarship program and making an appropriation.
House File 345
... penalties and license revocation periods for drivers under the age of twenty=one with an alcohol concentration of02 or more.
House File 346
... expenses paid to members of the general assembly for service while the general assembly is in session and providing an effective date.
House File 347
...appropriating funds to the judicial department to establish a pilot court information project. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 624) ...
House File 348
...establishing a biological diversity program.
House File 349
... minors' drivers' licenses and operating privileges.
House File 350
... handicapped parking permit recertification.
House File 351 prohibit criminal or juvenile justice agencies from requesting polygraph tests from sexual abuse victims or witnesses as a precondition to an investigation. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2486) ...
House File 352
... motor vehicle damage disclosure statements.
House File 353
... absentee ballots and the canvassing of such ballots.
House File 354
... activities of a foreign corporation which do not constitute doing business in or deriving income from the state for state tax purposes and including effective and retroactive applicability date provi ...
House File 355
... the tax exemption of active duty pay of national guard or armed forces military reserve personnel for certain foreign service and providing an effective date. Effective 5-7-97.
House File 356
... county enforcement of state law against confinement feeding operations and making penalties applicable.
House File 357
...prohibiting the state department of transportation from mowing roadside vegetation on primary and interstate highways and rights-of-way under certain circumstances.
House File 358
...making selective service registration of certain individuals a prerequisite for enrollment, and for the receipt of state-sponsored financial aid, at community colleges and institutions of higher learn ...
House File 359
... the development and use of certain public lands for multipurpose trails. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 601) ...
House File 360
...expanding the crime of vehicular homicide to include unintentional death caused by a person while the person is operating certain types of motorized watercraft, and providing penalties.
House File 361
... the reimbursement of defense costs for a peace officer of the department of public safety.
House File 362
... conflicts of interest in public contracts.
House File 363
... the required standards for hospital licensure relating to protocols for patients with suicidal indications.
House File 364
... retail sale of alcoholic beverages at a discount for consumption on the premises and providing a penalty for violations.
House File 365
... the application of local laws and regulations pertaining to smoking prohibitions and cigarette and tobacco products.
House File 366
... cigarettes and tobacco products including prohibiting the sale of cigarettes or tobacco products through vending machines in any location accessible to minors, including provisions for advertising re ...
House File 367
... the transfer of job training withholding payments to the workforce development fund account, making an appropriation, and providing effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. Effective ...
House File 368
... the establishment of the entrepreneurial ventures assistance program and allocating funds from the Iowa strategic investment fund for the administration and operation of the program. Effective 7-1-97 ...
House File 369
...establishing the knowing transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus as attempted murder and providing a penalty.
House File 370
... workers' compensation benefits for professional athletes and providing an effective date. Effective 4-18-97.
House File 371
... the issuing of temporary orders for support, custody, or visitation of a child born outside of marriage. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 372
...establishing a county issuance of motor vehicle licenses study and providing effective dates. Effective 4-18-97.
House File 373 legalize certain unified law enforcement district tax levies and providing an effective date. Effective 3-18-97.
House File 374
... animal feeding operations and including an applicability provision.
House File 375
... establishing a capital investment board, tax credits, termination of the Iowa seed capital corporation, establishing a capital transition board, and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill H.F.
House File 376
... child welfare provisions involving juvenile justice dispositional orders, hearings, and placements and providing an effective date. Effective 7-1-97, with exception of Section 232.89, effective 5-1-9 ...
House File 377
...prohibiting certain acts by a health care insurer with respect to participating health care providers.
House File 378
... the membership of the county compensation board. (Formerly HSB 126) ...
House File 379
...prohibiting the restriction of medical communications between patients and health care providers.
House File 380
...making an appropriation for grants to political subdivisions to be used by emergency agencies for the purchase of certain equipment.
House File 381
... transfers of real property by providing that certain disclosures regarding psychologically impacted property are not required and by amending the definition of transfer. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 670) ...
House File 382
... certain relationships including certain marriages. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 383
... information centers and rest areas on interstate or primary highways and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates. Effective 4-23-97.
House File 384 include certain products containing ephedrine as schedule V controlled substances. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 385
... notification of school officials of citations of juveniles for certain criminal offenses. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 600) ...
House File 386
... child sexual abuse reporting by licensed school employees.
House File 387
... requirements for family and group day care homes involving responsible individuals who assist a provider.
House File 388
...reducing the state individual income tax rates by ten percent and including an effective date provision. Effective 1-1-98.
House File 389
... the defamation of persons and products relating to agricultural production, and providing penalties.
House File 390
... the cleanup and reuse of contaminated property, environmental remediation standards and review procedures, participation in the remediation of contaminated property, liability for the voluntary clean ...
House File 391
...allowing a deduction for tuition paid for the taxpayer, or taxpayer's spouse or dependent, to attend an eligible postsecondary school and providing a retroactive applicability date provision.
House File 392
... the extension of time during which an alternative surcharge may be imposed for E911.
House File 393
... the sharing of state sales tax revenues with school districts, cities, and counties and providing for property tax relief and including an effective date provision.
House File 394
...providing for evaluation of a child with respect to the child's best interests in a proceeding for modification of a custody arrangement.
House File 395 permit candidates to pledge to run positive campaigns, providing for disclaimers for nonparticipants, and establishing penalties.
House File 396
...prohibiting the possession or use of radar detectors and providing a penalty.
House File 397
...providing for a criminal offense and abuse records check of prospective public school district employees.
House File 398
... subject matter under the regulatory authority of the labor commissioner, including the construction contractors law, and making nonsubstantive Code corrections relating to the child labor law. Effect ...
House File 399
... inspections of unfired steam pressure vessels. Effective 7-1-97.

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