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House File 100
... the use of blaze orange apparel by hunters and fur harvesters and subjecting violators to a penalty.
House File 101
...providing for repayment of the costs chargeable to a county for services provided under the juvenile code.
House File 102
... special minors' licenses and transportation to and from school and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 676) ...
House File 103
...providing for city zoning of unincorporated areas located beyond the limits of the city.
House File 104
... the calculation of the contribution rate for the statewide fire and police retirement system.
House File 105
... the publication of the names of persons with delinquent fines owed to the court.
House File 106
... recruiting by the United States armed forces at the university of Iowa college of law.
House File 107
...allowing an individual income tax deduction for certain federal taxes paid under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act and the federal Railroad Retirement Tax Act and providing a retroactive applica ...
House File 108
... occupational hearing loss, concerning the definitions, apportionment of hearing loss, and measurement of hearing loss. (Formerly HSB 2) ...
House File 109
... registration fees for aircraft.
House File 110
... the tax exemption of active duty pay of national guard or armed forces military reserve personnel for certain foreign service and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 355) ...
House File 111
... eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits concerning suitable work offered by the individual's employer.
House File 112
... the procedures for disposition of the contents of a decedent's safe deposit box.
House File 113
... immunity from assault charges for the use of force by a person to stop a fight or disturbance at a school or school function. (Formerly HF 5) ...
House File 114 legalize certain city and county deeds and conveyances. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 115
... the disclosure of certain information relating to tobacco products and cigarettes sold in the state and providing a penalty.
House File 116
... confinement feeding operations by providing for the siting of certain operations, and imposing requirements relating to construction permits.
House File 117
... activities of a foreign corporation which do not constitute doing business in or deriving income from the state for state tax purposes and including effective and retroactive applicability date provi ...
House File 118
... workers' compensation coverage for employment outside of the state.
House File 119
... the disclosure of psychological test material.
House File 120
... veterans of the United States armed forces, by changing eligibility for veteran property tax exemptions.
House File 121
... notification procedures prior to the performance of an abortion on or termination of parental rights of a minor and applicable penalties and providing for a repeal. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 122
... the civil liability of a mandatory child abuse reporter who is a licensed school employee.
House File 123
...providing for the admission and education of optometry students in states which have accredited schools and colleges of optometry, and making an appropriation.
House File 124
... the requirements for an applicant to be licensed as a land surveyor.
House File 125
...appropriating federal block grant funds and amending appropriations from the general fund of the state to the department of human services for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 1996, and providi ...
House File 126
... the state sales and use tax exemption on certain computers, machinery, equipment, and fuel. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 127
...establishing a public highway condition reporting service and making an appropriation.
House File 128
...prohibiting ultimate fighting exhibitions and providing a penalty.
House File 129 increase the penalties for the manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver amphetamine or any substance containing amphetamine. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 666) ...
House File 130
...applying the death penalty or life imprisonment, by establishing the offense of capital murder, by providing a minimum age for imposition of a death sentence, excluding mentally ill persons from impos ...
House File 131
... the time and the criteria for filing of claims for refund under the state individual income tax by retired federal employees as a result of the unconstitutional taxation of federal pensions and provi ...
House File 132
... the liability of persons involved in domesticated animal activities. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 133
... the offering of point of service plan options in certain health benefit plans. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 134
... local government bond issuance elections.
House File 135
... OWI violators subject to the ignition interlock requirement who are granted a temporary restricted license by providing for an exemption for employers of such violators, and providing an effective da ...
House File 136
...increasing the scheduled fine for operating a motor vehicle without a valid license or permit.
House File 137
... the probationary period for deputy sheriffs and police patrol officers.
House File 138
... county zoning of certain confinement swine feeding operations.
House File 139
...increasing compensation for grand jurors and petit jurors.
House File 140
... the closing hour of precinct polling places.
House File 141
... the authorization of school officials to conduct searches of students, student protected areas, and lockers. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 331) ...
House File 142
... the hunting of deer with a pistol or revolver and providing a penalty. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 143
... the disposition of certain lost property.
House File 144
...creating a board of dental hygiene examiners.
House File 145
... retirement incentive programs the board of directors of a school district may offer and the age range of the employees to whom the board may offer the program and providing an applicability provision ...
House File 146
... a reduction in aid to a recipient of the family investment program for continued truancy by a recipient's child, defining truancy as a delinquent act in certain cases and providing a penalty, establi ...
House File 147
...increasing the minimum value of property damage required for the filing of a motor vehicle accident report. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 556) ...
House File 148
... schools that may be placed on a special accredited list of college preparatory schools.
House File 149
...regulating animal feeding operations located within agricultural drainage well basins and making penalties applicable.
House File 150
... the protection of blufflands by creating a blufflands protection revolving fund, by empowering the soil conservation division of the department of agriculture and land stewardship to establish a bluf ...
House File 151
...prohibiting the use of spray irrigation equipment to apply manure to land draining into an agricultural drainage well or known sinkhole.
House File 152
...providing for the establishment of a lien by licensed professionals against damages collected by an injured patient. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 448) ...
House File 153
...providing for first responder certification to attach neck collars and splints.
House File 154
... an exception from mandatory participation in a course by parties to an action involving child custody or visitation. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 677) ...
House File 155
...providing an alternative method of budget enrollment calculation for districts experiencing decreasing enrollment, and providing an effective date.
House File 156
... political party affiliation information on voter registration forms.
House File 157
... certain machinery, equipment, and computers for purposes of property taxation and providing a retroactive applicability date. (See Cmte. Bill HF 495) ...
House File 158 prohibit the intentional tossing, throwing, or expelling of bodily fluids or material on jail or correctional employees by inmates, and providing penalties.
House File 159
... the disposition of emergency medical care provider certification fees.
House File 160
... the collection of fines, penalties, court costs, fees, and surcharges.
House File 161
... the compensation of judicial magistrates.
House File 162
...prohibiting a court from deferring a judgment or deferring or suspending a sentence for the offense of operating while intoxicated.
House File 163
... permits to carry weapons for retired peace officers formerly employed by the department of public safety.
House File 164
... transfer to the special conservation fund of proceeds of excise taxes on sale of all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile fuel.
House File 165
...providing for treble damages for failing to make required disclosures associated with a transfer of real estate.
House File 166
... the exemption from insurance regulation of a multiple employer welfare arrangement and providing an effective date.
House File 167
... eligibility requirements for workers' compensation. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 168
... community college operations including the duties of the board of directors of each community college and creating a legislative task force to study certain matters relating to community colleges. (S ...
House File 169
... the posting of land by the owner regarding permission to hunt, fish, or trap and providing a penalty.
House File 170
... agricultural drainage wells, by restricting the emptying of surface water into the wells, providing for compliance, and providing penalties.
House File 171
...prohibiting discrimination against a person by an insurer on the basis of genetic information or testing.
House File 172
... local laws and regulations regarding smoking prohibitions and cigarettes and tobacco products.
House File 173
... public employee collective bargaining by eliminating fact-finding in negotiations, modifying the time guidelines concerning bargaining by certain employees, and changing dates relating to budget cert ...
House File 174
... abuse prevention information included on a marriage license application form and on a marriage license.
House File 175
...prohibiting the construction or expansion of earthen manure storage basins having a certain capacity and attached to a confinement feeding operation confining swine.
House File 176
... the issuance of permits for the construction of earthen manure storage basins and anaerobic lagoons within an agricultural drainage well basin or drainage district.
House File 177
... reality education substance abuse prevention programs, by making the program available to all persons regardless of age and removing a consent requirement.
House File 178
... joint billing or collection of combined service accounts for sanitary districts and a city utility or combined utility system and to discontinue service for delinquency, and providing for the establi ...
House File 179
... inpatient benefits and care requirements following a mastectomy.
House File 180
... the methods of collection of fees charged prisoners for room and board, by providing for the entry of judgment against the prisoner and enforcement of the judgment through writ of execution.
House File 181
... the deductibility of federal income taxes paid or accrued under the individual income tax by reducing certain tax rates for an election to not deduct federal taxes paid or accrued for certain tax yea ...
House File 182
...establishing equitable restitution for payments relating to the support of a child.
House File 183
... the treatment of interest paid on money borrowed for investment purposes and providing effective and retroactive applicability date provisions.
House File 184
...prohibiting certain restrictions and limitations in a contract between a provider of health care services and an insurer.
House File 185
...declaring a truant a child in need of assistance and establishing a penalty for aiding a child to be truant.
House File 186 prohibit the disarming of a peace officer and providing penalties.
House File 187
..., for purposes of ratemaking, the allocation of pregnancy-related health expenses equally among female and male policyholders, subscribers, or enrollees of individual third-party payor medical expense ...
House File 188
... the hours of operation of gambling games at pari-mutuel racetracks and on excursion gambling boats and subjecting violators to a penalty.
House File 189
...decreasing the blood alcohol concentration level necessary for the violation of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and making related changes.
House File 190
... snowmobiles by requiring certificates of title, providing for point of sale registration, and increasing snowmobile registration fees. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 671) ...
House File 191
... the establishment of the drinking water facilities financing program, the drinking water treatment revolving loan fund, the drinking water facilities administration fund, and providing an effective d ...
House File 192
... articulated sequential elementary-secondary guidance programs in schools and school districts.
House File 193
... the liability of a volunteer.
House File 194
... the employment of legal counsel for civil services commissions.
House File 195
... an election prior to issuance of bonds by an aviation authority and providing an applicability provision and an effective date.
House File 196
... the advertising, marketing, or promoting of lottery games by the radio or television media and providing for the Act's applicability.
House File 197
... transferring proceeds of excise taxes from the sale of snowmobile fuel to the special conservation fund.
House File 198
... workers' compensation benefits for professional athletes and providing an effective date.
House File 199
... urban revitalization tax exemptions for property assessed as residential property and providing an effective date and applicability provisions.

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